Thursday, August 11, 2016


I’m glad July is past and done. I wouldn't banish it from the calendar (I know some great people born in July). But I'd like to change its personality.

Nothing bad happened in July. But then, nothing great happened either, except visits with my daughters.

Weather was too hot—nothing new there, either. June had many hot days. August is already showing us 90-degrees, day after day.

My main complaint against July is that I had no energy. Picture permanent jet lag. Mega sleep deprivation. Get it?

Thinking about my less-than-fond attitude toward July 2016, I found other un-favorites coming into view. Such as:

Inclement weather—hot and humid; cold with harmful wind chills; hard rain (never mind that the ground is dry and grass is dead) that comes so fast it measures four inches deep on my patio.

Poor editing—I’ve already blasted the misuse of the apostrophe, so we can let that one rest. There are many examples of poor editing of published books: nouns and verbs that don’t agree (“she don’t”; “we was”; these are not in the dialogue to indicate an uneducated person); missing punctuation that gives a confusing meaning; wrong words (hone and home are two that make my BP spike).

Assumptions—such as, assuming what is on the Internet is true; or, what is said in a TV show by a doctor/nurse/lawyer/teacher is gospel; or, people with advanced degrees know everything. (This last one is often assumed by the people with advanced degrees.)

Conclusions jumped to—If I fill my trash or recycling bin, I’m wasteful. If I keep things I might need someday, I’m a hoarder.

Car trouble. Need I say more?

You get the picture, without more irritating examples.

As I thought about today’s topic, I wanted to leave you with something positive. And how can I make something positive from a list of pet peeves?

Well, let’s look at the above list.

If I lived in Tucson, the weather would be beaucoup hotter than here in NE Indiana. Less humid, though.

If I lived in upper Minnesota, their winter would make the local one feel balmy. (International Falls is up there, somewhere, and it always has the nation’s coldest of the cold temps.)

If I lived in Seattle, I’d have rain many many many days, instead of the less-often ones here.

Poor editing—well, I don’t know what to do about that. I won’t give up reading. And I have no ambitions to be an editor.

Assumptions are difficult to correct. They undermine some folks. They’re ubiquitous. And—darn it all—sometimes they’re true.

As for Conclusions jumped to, don’t waste your time with me. I’m downsizing.

Car trouble—last night my car wouldn’t start; not the battery, so I fear something worse (as in, more expensive). Will know later today.

Here’s today’s take-away: If you didn’t have un-favorites, you wouldn’t have, or recognize, something better.

Weather reports from other parts of the country remind me that I’m fortunate to live here in the Midwest.

Poor editing—when I recognize this, I’m instantly putting out too much energy being irritated. My life is enhanced by good stories, good biographies, good information; I’ll redirect the energy there.

Assumptions—other people’s, of course—make it clear that we’re not all alike. Listening—really hearing what someone says—might enlarge my knowledge of how other folks think and act; I might gain understanding of new ways of thinking.

Conclusions you might jump to about me—don’t worry, I’m downsizing as fast as I can. And as “green” as I can manage.

Yes, I was really ticked off at my vehicle. Old Reliable wasn’t so reliable this time. The upside is: I do have a vehicle of my own (paid for, etc.), I still have a valid driver’s license, I know my way around my town and into Fort Wayne and even beyond, and I am so, so grateful for the privilege of driving.

Now we’re in August. School has started—the big yellow buses trundle down the streets and roads—kids walk to and from the bus stops, backpacks in place. The sun rises later, sets earlier. My surprise lilies did their usual sudden pop-up. I’m making Christmas gifts—one afghan down, one quilt to go.

Un-favorites notwithstanding, my cup runneth over. Verily.

Have a great week!


  1. To add to your list...moving and packing, and unpacking. Today is moving day. If I knew the emoji for completely overwhelmed and stressed to the max, you'd see it here. Downsizing sounds good.

    1. Eeek! Moving et al has blessedly gone from memory. Hugs on your day. I'll pray for a good result and less stress to come.

    2. Eeek! Moving et al has blessedly gone from memory. Hugs on your day. I'll pray for a good result and less stress to come.

  2. Downsizing does SOUND good--I just want someone to do it for me!

    1. If you find a downsizing service let me know ASAP!

    2. If you find a downsizing service let me know ASAP!