Thursday, May 8, 2014


There's nothing quite like going to the list of posts for this blog, looking for the draft I saved a couple of weeks ago, and finding it has disappeared. First the "Whaaat?!?!?" Then, "Well......" And now--"Oooookay, write something else."

Today I want to celebrate new beginnings. We all have them--practically every day. (A local counseling center has a billboard that reads, "Every day a new beginning."

In the macro view, we're looking at spring: new plants poking their heads through the ground. (I'm sure I heard them muttering, "Is it warm yet?"); new dandelions blooming as if they had good sense; new road construction, which never seems to end.
Before the beginning....

In the closer-to-home view, I have new electronic toys.

First, the new modem, that allows me to post this week's Thursday's Child meanderings. Then when I took the new modem back to the AT&T store to get a refund, because I had converted my service to their newest, latest, greatest Internet service, I was interested in the new wireless phone system--an accompaniment to the new super-charged Internet service. The wireless phone system is activated this morning.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea--
gorgeous in autumn
Then--this is all the same day, mind you--after updated Internet service and a wireless phone system--I went to another phone store for an up-to-snuff phone. I can now take gorgeous pictures (you'll be inundated with them from now to eternity), or look at the front page of my phone and find out where I am plus the date/time/weather.

Normally I'm not into the Next Great Thing, mainly because by the time I get one, it's the Time-Before-Last Great Thing (or even older). But apparently the time had come for all my toys to break at once, or at least become nearly inoperable. And in this Day and Age, we don't fix it, we discard it and get a new one.

That's a new concept for me--I'm all for hanging onto what works, or almost works; fixing it if I can or paying to have it fixed for me if my skill set is 'way behind what's required; and muddling along with what's familiar--now I'm confronted with Off with the Old, On with the New.

Definitely A New Beginning for this senior citizen.

Avian Cafeteria

Ferns--30+ years old!
Thanks for being patient with my on again-off again blog posting. Thursday's Child is alive and well and living in cyberspace.

Thanks also for visiting when my buddy Liz Flaherty guest blogged last week.

See you next time!


  1. Good post this week. Like those pictures, but watch for late-onset addictions. :-)

  2. 'Fraid it's already in place...question is: how'd I ever get along without that phone???

  3. Macro view! We'll turn you into a sociologist yet! ;)