Thursday, October 2, 2014


After one look I decided I'd better stay inside and forget about the tree trimming going on in my front yard.
The young man is strapped in and the strap is hooked to the outside of the bucket. Still........

Here is the first cut...the beginning of the facelift I'm giving my four maple trees...two in front, two in back.

The front trees are older and bigger...I'm told they're hard maples. Being so tall they provide lovely deep shade in summer.

Looks like windstorms have been through my community, but it's only the limbs trimmed off on the south side.
Soft maples, before their trim
Today's post is late because I had to take extra pics this morning before the guys arrive to resume their work.

I'm so grateful for shade trees in summer. And I even enjoy the thick carpet of leaves that will soon cover my yard. Of course this fall I'll have fewer than in previous years. But wait till next year! Nothing like a good trim to encourage the trees to grow new leaves!

After our trees are bare, I can see the shapes, the bare bones, and I marvel at how nature gives us so much variety--same trees, different looks each season.

I hope you're enjoy autumn wherever you are (or spring, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere).

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  1. I love trees, no matter what season. I did think you were going to talk about trimming Christmas trees and couldn't figure out why. :-)