Thursday, April 16, 2015


You’re traveling down the Interstate, 70 MPH, maybe 75, even up to 80 if you have to pass a slow-coach driver who thinks 68 is fast enough. Off to the right you see billboards. They’re everywhere. Companies approach property owners offering them long leases for what seems like found money, and then put up billboard foundations.
If you can slow down for a minute, maybe even down to the regulation 70 MPH recommended by some states, you might see something interesting. An encouraging phrase. A wisp of kindness. A fact that inspires you to do something, too.

I try to stay off the Interstate because it’s really not on my way to where I want to go, most days; and also because I like traveling at 60 MPH or even less. So I take what is now a county road, though it used to be a state highway, back in its day.
This county highway is a straight shot for me from my home to Fort Wayne, where I visit the Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft store whenever I have money, have my eyes checked every six months, and go to church twice a week—once for the regular Sunday worship service and once for the fiber arts group that knits, crochets, sews, and otherwise wrassles around with fibers to make things for other folks.

And on my way I pass billboards. Here are a few I’ve enjoyed:

Yes, indeed-Do Thy Best
It always has....

My youngest daughter was in California for a job interview and came across one that read: DO WHAT YOU LOVE. So I searched and found a DIY billboard with that message.

The thing I especially liked about the billboards on was the phrase Pass It On.

Right! If it’s worth looking at, reading, and ingesting, then pass it on.
You never know where wisdom/encouragement/inspiration will appear. Keep your eyes open. It may be on a billboard near you.

My favorite advice


  1. Great post, and I'm glad you're doing the "keep on keeping on" thing!