Thursday, August 6, 2015


Many, many years ago, someone wrote for the first time, “Life is so daily!” We all understood what it meant. Life repeated itself, every day (or nearly every day) (or it seemed like every day), and we grew weary.
Yeah, well, mine isn’t quite daily, but it’s often enough to make me take a deep breath and sigh. My car—lovely old (going on sweet sixteen) super-duper, big (think chest freezer on wheels) and protective, my best traveling companion for over nine years—is giving me fits. This post will be quite short because I need to call the nice people who love to see me drive in; I’m guaranteed income on wheels.
The obvious answer—I know someone will comment on this—is to buy a different car. With my brand of luck, it will be an exchange of my problems for somebody else’s.
Think I’ll wait to see what my guys say out at the garage.
In the meantime, till I post again, have a lovely week. Enjoy the summer weather (if that’s what you’re having—we are, finally). Take a deep breath. Stroll around the neighborhood and admire other people’s flowers and lawns (they did a lot of work you didn’t have to do, right?).
And give thanks for problems, great and small, for they’re what keep us on our toes, exercise our brains, and deliver us from the pitfalls of accumulating too much money.
Life is still daily. We can't change that. So--celebrate it!
‘Till next time. . . .

Showing off my CLEAN car!

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