Thursday, May 4, 2017


It's May, right?
The month that follows April, right?
And April showers bring May flowers--right?

In my little corner of the world, April showers bring May showers.

Pick a week--any week--and I'll tell you we had at least three, maybe four, straight days of rain.

So--when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right?

We got rain. We're gonna do rain today.

Note to self: Buy cute boots today.
Rain songs:

     Singin' in the Rain

     Rainy Days and Mondays

     Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head

Thank you, Pollyanna, for positive thoughts.

     Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

     Come Rain or Come Shine

     I Get the Blues When it Rains

Advice from a naturalist

     September (in the Rain)

Worth thinking about

     Rainy Night in Georgia
     Rain, Rain, Go Away

     Cats don't sing much (I'm told), so no songs.
     But this is a strong statement about faith, dontcha

When all else fails, make a cuppa something hot and bring out the books. Or movies. Or board games. Or . . . .

Enjoy your rainy days--whether they come in bunches or are few and far between. And while you're at it, sing a song or two. For those who can't carry a tune in a locked trunk (you know who you are), don't fret--you'll probably be alone anyway.


  1. Well, I had to do something about the incessant rain! Thanks, Lis.

  2. I loved it, too, but I am still sick of the incessant rain--our side yard looks like a miniature Mississippi--maybe a Misisipi...