Thursday, July 27, 2017


I do know that the summer, as a season, lasts until the third week of September. I mean, I know that with my head.

But with my heart and soul, I know summer is over the minute the big yellow school buses appear on city streets to pick up students and carry them to the halls of learning.

Next Tuesday, August 1st, our school district begins its new year. Too soon! The students had, perhaps, 10 weeks off. Of course they'll have fall break, a longer winter break, and a longer spring break. That's the new idea of school time. Maybe it works better. I hope so.

So, what did you do with your summer vacation? Many of us are long past the early morning agony of getting up, eating (maybe), brushing teeth (sometimes), dressing in something-or-other that Mom approves of (rarely), and trudging out to the bus stop to await our ride to school.

Yes, I'm long past that time...both as student and as Mom...but I never get past the feeling that vacation time is over and (yay!) school starts again.

What did I do with my summer vacation? You already know I read more books than required. The point was not to compete with other people, but to read as much as I liked without guilt. The laundry wasn't done? Okay, there's another day, probably, when I can do laundry. Dishes in the sink? They'll still be there tomorrow--no elves have ever helped me with dishes--or laundry--or scrubbing floors--or, you name it. 

The longer I live, the more philosophical I get about life. For today's entertainment, I gleaned some quotations and pics that seem fitting for that end-of-summer feeling. Hope you enjoy them.


[I'd add a few things--a cup of tea, a little pillow, a lightweight cover-up for windy days.]


[C. S. Lewis understood the important things of life.]


[Think about it....]


[Mary Oliver is an American poet--this is from her poem, "The Summer Day."]


[Sounds very wise, don't you think?]


Love each day for what it brings . . . count every blessing . . . be kind to one another.


  1. Nice one! I especially love the quote about no two persons reading the same book. It's so absolutely true.

    1. Certainly is...and I often find that a book recommended to me as one I'll just love don't hit me the same as it did the recommender. Takes all kinds to make a world, as somebody said.