Thursday, March 12, 2015


The rest of that phrase is “I die a little.”
It’s a two-stanza song (according to my limited research) written by Cole Porter. The song has been recorded by vocalists and instrumentalists for nearly 70 years. Two of my favorites are Oscar Peterson and his piano, and Ella Fitzgerald with her wonderful voice. Talk about universal messages….

I’ve been saying goodbye (or bon voyage) to friends and family quite a lot lately. Had to give my daughter in Arizona a big hug and kiss before I pointed my nose toward the loading ramp for the monster jet that would return me to Indiana. My good writing buddy of over 20 years is on her way—probably there already—to Florida for a few warm-up days away from Indiana’s cool reception to spring. Another friend leaves tomorrow for a couple of weeks, so I’ll not have a walking buddy at the Y.
Too bad I can’t say a hearty, “See you later!” and let them go with good grace. Instead, all I want to do is curl up in a big chair with a blankie and, well, snivel.

But I won’t do that. The people I leave, the people who leave me, all have needs as well. They all have lives just as I do.
The best thing about having friends, acquaintances, and relatives is knowing we belong to a community of people. Their joys are our joys, their tears are our tears. They care for me as I do for them. My life is richer for knowing them, and I hope and pray their lives are enriched by my presence.

So today I celebrate friends and family—those near and those far away—whose absence is noted, and whose return will be excitedly greeted.
See you later!

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  1. Nice post. Hello from sunny Florida--it's been lovely. And needed!