Thursday, March 19, 2015


Yes, it’s a day early—my calendars announce the vernal equinox for tomorrow, March 20—but now I’m ready to celebrate, on the eve of the arrival of Spring.
Apparently others are ready also. Here’s what I’ve noted so far:

·         Lawn service phone calls/mailings/trucks roaring down the street – in one seven-minute phone call I committed myself to a huge chunk of change to keep my landscaping beautiful (almost 15 years ago I had it first designed and installed—wow, does time fly or what?)

·         Squirrels digging up last autumn’s treasures in my mulch – they know they don’t bury acorns and peanuts in the mulch; why do they do that?

·         Lo-o-o-ng line at the car wash – I’ve seen more dirty vehicles this year than ever before. Was there a mud storm? Possible. Possible.

·         Swimsuits on the racks at Walmart – this one cracked me up. I’m wandering around in my winter jacket (lined, long enough to cover my tush) and there in front of me are rainbow-hued swimsuits, rack after rack of them, the kind that fit itty-bitty females (you know the ones I mean)

·         Winter-weight coats/slacks/sweaters/socks feel ‘way too warm—and heavy – I lose 5-10 lbs. just changing from winter clothes to spring ones.

Spring’s advent is so welcome! We’ve had a long, long winter here in Northeast Indiana, with lots of snow, day upon day of cold temps, wind that drove the thermometer down to arctic levels. (We never reached the levels of the Northeastern US, but we had our share.) Now--grass is greening up, my Surprise Lily stems are out of the ground nearly four inches, and there’s no snow on the ground. Not even on the north side of buildings where sun never reaches. (I’ve looked.)

So I think it’s time to look forward. Never mind that tonight’s weather forecast is for rain and snow—that stuff will disappear in a short while when the temp soars above 40. In the meantime--

Celebrate Spring!


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  1. Sorry...can't relate to this one. ;) But seriously, I do miss the seasons. They change here in Phoenix, but it's not the same.