Thursday, September 29, 2016


(When I don’t have anything to write about)

There comes a time in a blogger’s life—sticking my neck out, saying this applies to all bloggers—but there comes a time when there’s absolutely nothing to write about. Nothing that excites the writer. Nothing that might intrigue or provoke or encourage the reader.

This could be a sad time. After all, if my mind refuses to be stimulated by what surrounds me; if my life is so boring I can’t dredge up a topic for a few hundred words; then why am I a blogger at all?

Good question, don’t you think?

So today I’m celebrating Life’s Miscellany.

You know about Miscellany, all the Stuff we experience, the little Odds and Ends of life. If we had an empty drawer, we could toss in all these Bits and Pieces and call it the Miscellany Drawer. (I like that term better than Junk Drawer.)

So—what’s in my virtual Miscellany Drawer?

1.       Yesterday I received a box from Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts—an online purchase of sale fabric. I received a total of 11 yards of flannels: 3 yards of a choo-choo train print; 3 yards of a mottled blue; 3 yards of a mottled khaki (I prefer to call it old gold—much warmer sounding than khaki); 1 yard of mottled purple; and 1 yard of mottled green. These will become, in the adept hands and humming sewing machines of Heart & Hands, blankets for the NeoNatal ICU of a local hospital.

2.       Monday morning The House Guys came—they’re stripping off the siding; repairing what needs to be repaired; wrapping the house (I asked about ribbons and bows, but those appear to be extras I didn’t order); and eventually, when the foregoing are completed, drilling holes for blowing in insulation, then putting new siding on. We’re currently experiencing off-and-on rain, but so far it’s been mostly off during the day and the project moves apace.

3.       This morning I emptied another box of music—mostly copies of hymns that I put in my three-ring worship binder so I’m not searching desperately for the next piece I have to play. And now that my organ-playing is back to subbing for the permanent organist, I don’t need as many copies. I do need organization, though. This morning’s box was Advent-Christmas-Epiphany music. It now resides, happily, I trust, in a tote with Pendaflex hanging files keeping the various types separated. And excess copies have been discarded.

4.       I now have three or four larger empty boxes (banker’s box size, if that means anything to you) to use for transporting my donations of books, etc. to the library.

5.       In looking for one thing, I found something else. Remember the endless ball of yarn? It became a little blanket, 18x21 inches. And yes, there’s a little yarn left. (I told you it was endless.)

6.       Yesterday I got my picture taken for the new church directory. Why is it that being photographed is such an ordeal for some people? I’d rather go to the dentist than have my picture taken. Even if I had to have a root canal. (That’s not nearly the agony of sitting or standing and having the photographer ask me to say goofy things to get me to smile.)

7.       This is the last one. Here in my town we’re having the Free Fall Fair. It’s the county fair, with judging of animals, projects, and other 4-H events; plus non-4-H competitions of baked goods, art, needlework and quilting, woodworking, collections—practically anything you can think of. There are even some good eating places (I’m not a fan of curly fries, elephant ears, or cotton candy). But the carnival side of the fair doesn’t appeal to me at all. By Saturday night, when all the music is at full blast from downtown (several blocks from my house), I’m ready for it all to go away. Maybe my new insulation will create the sound barrier I need.

That’s it. My current drawer-ful of Miscellany.

The best thing about Miscellany is that we have variety in our lives. It may not be what we desire or would go out of our way to find; it may invade our lives or pull us away from something we’d rather be doing.

Today I celebrate the variety—the little things and the big things—that keep our lives infinitely interesting.


  1. I'm not going to recognize your house next time I visit! You may have to tie some balloons to the porch railing so I can find it. ;)

  2. I'll even put your name on them! (The house number will be the same, however; if you remember that, you'll get here.)

  3. I'm in Florida in a coffee shop playing catch-up. I do love life's miscellany--keeps it interesting!